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LLC “Hydroservice” performs industrial cleaning of pipes, cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, boilers from sediments, scale, and carbon deposits using the technology of hydrodynamic cleaning.


Our company also provides services for emergency elimination of blockages of heat exchange units, technical inspection, and preventive maintenance of high-pressure water units.


We work in all regions of Ukraine.



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LLS "Hydroservice" is the official ambassador of WOMA in Ukraine

For more than 20 years, our company delivered and performed starting-up and adjustment works, warranty, post-warranty service, and repair of all WOMA's high-pressure plunger pumps.

156 completed projects

20years on the industrial cleaning services market

15years of official representation of the company "WOMA"

Hydro jetting or hydrodynamic cleaning is a modern and innovative technology for cleaning with water pressure. Special nozzles, which are used in the high-pressure water unit, helps to solve a wide range of tasks when cleaning not only production surfaces.


Water is a versatile tool for removing all kinds of dirt and deposits.

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    Our services

    Heat exchanger high-pressure cleaning

    LLC "Hydroservice" uses in work the method of hydrodynamic cleaning. He has long been widely used at enterprises in Western countries and has established itself as one of the most gentle but effective methods.

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    Cleaning of surfaces of various shapes

    We provide services for cleaning surfaces of various configurations: metal structures, engineering networks, sides of ships, tanks for oily liquids, containers for oil products, cutting concrete before its restoration, etc.

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    Service and warranty service

    Our company does repair, balancing and commissioning, maintenance of high-pressure pumps from world fabricators WOMA, KAMAT, HAMMELMANN, FALCH, ABEL, URACA.

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    Equipment and accessories rental

    We provide devices, components, and accessories from global manufacturers and our production.

    Warranty and post-warranty service

    We will help you extend the life of your equipment.

    Completed works

    You could see in the gallery photos of some objects or equipment that were cleaned with high-pressure water.


    High-pressure pumps

    Water jetting tools manufactured by WOMA

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    Spare parts for pumps

    Own production of nozzles and details for high-pressure pumps

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    DERC Salotech products

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      Ambassador of "DERC SALOTECH"

      For 35 years, the company "DERC SALOTECH" has been developing innovative solutions and creating modern equipment for high-pressure water jet cleaning. The wide range of use of this technology allows the company to be a reliable partner for our enterprise at industrial cleaning. For six years, LLC "Gidroservice" has been the official distributor of DERC SALOTECH.  Using the DERC SALOTECH water jet systems,  accessories, and components ensures that we perform the cleaning in the best possible way.

      35years of experience in industrial cleaning

      40countries in the cooperation zone

      If you want to clean industrial and heat exchange equipment not only quickly, but also carefully, then

      LLC “Hydroservice” is the best choice!

      A little more about us

      LLC “Hydroservice” is a leader in industrial cleaning in Ukraine. The company employs professional engineering and technical personnel. We have permits for the implementation of cleaning services at technically complex and hazardous facilities. We cooperate with enterprises and factories not only in cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kherson but also throughout Ukraine.


      Our devices allow you to perform: cleaning of heat exchangers and their tubes, internal and external washing of tanks, high pressure reinforced concrete molds, cleaning of tanks and reservoirs, cleaning of ships sides, hydrodynamic cleaning at sugar factories, hydro jetting of juice plants, high-pressure water of metal structures and others. We are official distributors of “WOMA” companies and “DERC SALOTECH”. We supply original equipment, components, and accessories for performing hydro jetting works. We have a warehouse of our own devices and parts, which allows us to provide urgent cleaning and maintenance services.

      We are trusted