high-pressure cleaning

It is an effective and modern cleaning method, widely used for cleaning heat exchange equipment, straight and curved pipelines, flat surfaces of various shapes, containers, cleaning installations, channels.

About technology

Methods of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical impulse, and chemical cleaning are rightfully considered labor-consuming, technologically sophisticated, and environmentally damaging. Their use will shorten the life of the equipment.

The technology of high-pressure water using pumping units has replaced them. Pumps are applied to obtain high and ultra-high water pressure used as a cleaning tool.

This technology provides an opportunity to effectively and gently remove persistent deposits, sediments, sludge and contaminations of any physical structure and chemical structure from industrial surfaces and materials.

When using the hydrodynamic method, the water consumption is up to 100 l / min. Pump power up to 140 kW and working water pressure up to 1500 bar are selected after estimating the type of surface to be treated, nature, and the degree of contamination.


The process

Technical tap water is used for work, which is piped from a high-pressure pump through armored trunk hoses to a working tool: a nozzle, gun, or robot. The pressure is created to push the water flow through the actuator and jet nozzle. Outflowing water stream leaves the nozzle at a given angle, rotating or being in a static state, breaks and erodes any deposits.

The hydrodynamic cleaning method is environmentally friendly: there is no gas, dust, or slag evolution. Chemical detergents and solvents are not used, which reduces the requirements for the work performed.

Special attachments

Nozzles (special attachments) are an effective tool in hydrodynamic cleaning. The selection of the nozzle is carried out depending on the technical task. They come in different sizes: from 10 to 200 mm and varieties: straight, rotary, rotary-punching. It allows clearing even completely clogged pipes.

You can rent equipment from us and buy the nozzles necessary for carrying out works on cleaning the equipment.

Advantages of hydrodynamic cleaning:

no deformation of the structure heat exchange and other industrial equipment, which increases its resistance to wear and extends its service life

high-quality hydrotreating increases the heat transfer coefficient and saves energy resources

well-performed hydrodynamic cleaning enables complete removal of the deposit without causing any damage

saving time and human resources when carrying out cleaning works. In most cases, there is no need to stop the production process

high speed of cleaning structures of any complexity and any surface area

declogging even completely clogged straight and curved pipes

High pressure water technology allows the heat exchanger to be cleaned







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Our services

Cleaning of heat exchange equipment

LLC "Hydroservice" provides full-service cleaning works for heat exchangers.


Hydrodynamic cleaning of surfaces of various shapes

Our company provides services to remove contaminations of any type and degree of complexity.


Service and warranty service

We provide long-term warranty service, erecting works, consulting, and warranty repairs.


Our cases

Situation 1.

In oil extraction plant has founded the performance degradation: the heat exchanger clogging. The management of the plant allocated 36 hours to eliminate the emergency.

Result: The LLC “Gidroservice” team promptly left Kyiv to the Customer who is located in another region of Ukraine. To complete the task were involved 4 people. We cleaned 5 heat exchange equipment with a total length of 5,000 running meters. We have completed the heat exchanger cleaning work and the work of emergency elimination in 24 hours.


Situation 2.

Scheduled maintenance of industrial equipment at Karpatneftekhim LLC. The deadline for completing the task was 6 days.

Result: 14 pieces of equipment and tube bundles of about ​​80,000 running meters were cleaned. 12 employees of LLC “Gidroservice” were involved. The work was carried out around the clock in three shifts. The delivered volume was completed within 3 days.