Service and warranty service

The service center of LLC "Hydroservice" carries out works on the repair and maintenance of high-pressure pumps. We have the necessary tools to carry out any renovation works.

About service

Based on our enterprise, we created a service center for the repair and maintenance of high-pressure pumps of world manufacturers as WOMA, KAMAT, HAMMELMANN, FALCH, ABEL, URACA.

Our company conducts:

  • repair of high-pressure pumps;
  • engine repair (diesel or electric);
  • repair of electrical control panels;
  • production of parts and spare parts according to the customer’s drawings and samples.

We have the necessary tools to carry out any renovation works. We carry out turning, milling, boring, grinding, and welding works.

The service team can go to the place of the Client.

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    Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    LLC "Gidroservice" provides a full-service heat exchangers cleaning. In our work, we use the most effective and innovative method of hydrodynamic cleaning. Regular and high-quality cleaning of heat exchange equipment allows you to increase the efficiency of the technological process, heat exchange, reduce the consumption of gas, carbon, or another type of alternative fuel, as well as reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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    Cleaning surfaces of various shapes

    Our company provides works to remove contaminants of any type and level of sophistication: dust, scale, tar, rust, carbon deposits, and other deposits from surfaces of various shapes. For cleaning, we use high-pressure water guns and specially designed nozzles. This technology enables well remove contaminations without causing any damage.

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