Heat Exchanger Cleaning

LLC "Hydroservice" provides a full service of heat exchangers cleaning.

The enterprise has a license "GOSGORPROMNADZOR" on the implementation works in hazardous areas.

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About service

Heat exchangers flushing, cleaning pipelines are an essential procedure for the operating care of industrial units during their use. Regular and high-quality cleaning of heat exchange equipment allows you to increase the efficiency of the technological process, heat exchange, reduce gas consumption, carbon, or another type of alternative fuel. Also, it is allowed to reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The choice of the cleaning method, the speed of its implementation, the determination of the required number of personnel depends on the following factors:
– large cleanable areas (the volume of work impossible to do manually using ruffs and cutters);
– the existence of pipes completely clogged with slag deposits;
– curved pipes and surfaces (U-shaped and U-shaped tubes);
– the urgency of the cleaning works.

Work examples

This gallery contains photographs of equipment and industrial facilities before and after hydrodynamic cleaning, as well as other industrial facilities on which we have worked.

Videos of process works

This cleaning method used for:

hydrotreating evaporators

flushing oil coolers, turbine condenser, heaters, coolers, vacuum apparatus, refrigerators, boilers

cleaning straight pipes and curved pipes with a diameter of 10 to 300 mm

cleaning straight and curved surfaces of any length and areas


State of heat exchanger pipes before use high-pressure water cleaning.


Pipes appearance after hydrodynamic cleaning.

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    Other services

    Cleaning surfaces of various shapes

    Our company provides works to remove contaminants of any type and level of sophistication: dust, scale, tar, rust, carbon deposits, and other deposits from surfaces of various shapes. For cleaning, we use high-pressure water guns and specially designed nozzles. This technology enables well remove contaminations without causing any damage.

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    Service and warranty service

    The service center of LLC "Hydroservice" provides services for the repair and maintenance of high-pressure pumps of world manufacturers as WOMA, KAMAT, HAMMELMANN, FALCH, ABEL, URACA. We have the necessary tools to carry out any renovation works.

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