Hydrodynamic cleaning surfaces of various forms

LLC "Hydroservice" provides removal services of contaminants of any type and level of sophistication: dust, scale, tar, rust, carbon deposits, and other deposits from surfaces of various forms.

Service description

This type of service is made using high-pressure water guns and special nozzles: straight, slotted, mud, and nozzles with rotating heads ORBIMASTER, MONROJET.
That allows us to work in hard-to-reach places and at a height.
Despite the existence of high water pressure, hydrodynamic washing does not deform the surface.

This cleaning method dedicated to:
– Cleaning the hulls of ships and other vessels;
– Reservoirs and containers for water, oil products, and gasoline;
– Carrying out the process of concrete renovation and other cleanings of concrete surfaces;
– Washing of facades.
– Removal of old paints and varnishes, heavy dirt.

Workflow video

Work examples

The gallery contains photographs of industrial facilities before and after using water jetting.

More about service

The advantages of using this method include the speed of work, the labor-saving and saving material costs.

For example, mechanical cleaning of surfaces and production equipment at a sugar factory will take about 6 months, and with the use of water jet equipment – 1 month. Plus, after the mechanical cleaning process, each tube is checked for integrity. And in the event of a leak or other damage, a replacement is carried out. It entails additional labor and material costs and prolongs production downtime.

It happens that customers note the high cost of the hydrodynamic cleaning service. But after a simple calculation of the alternative costs and lost benefits, this type of industrial cleaning is chosen.

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    Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    LLC "Gidroservice" provides a full-service heat exchangers cleaning. In our work, we use the most effective and innovative method of hydrodynamic cleaning. Regular and high-quality cleaning of heat exchange equipment allows you to increase the efficiency of the technological process, heat exchange, reduce the consumption of gas, carbon, or another type of alternative fuel, as well as reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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    Service and warranty service

    The service center of LLC "Hydroservice" provides services for the repair and maintenance of high-pressure pumps of world manufacturers as WOMA, KAMAT, HAMMELMANN, FALCH, ABEL, URACA. We have the necessary tools to carry out any renovation works.

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