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Equipment for hydrodynamic cleaning from original manufacturers is quite expensive. Its acquisition is not always economically feasible for an enterprise.


Therefore, our company provides an opportunity to buy high-pressure pumping stations and accessories for it collected right at our warehouse.


The assembled unit consists of:

– original production pump;

– Ukrainian engine;

– control screen of our production.


You can reduce your purchase cost for high-pressure equipment by about 30%.

Besides, our company provides clients installation and commissioning services of equipment bought from us, both our own and foreign production.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

–  veteran into the market for cleaning production equipment and performing service and repair work;

– skilled staff which constantly passes specialized training;

– existence of our repair warehouse forbids quickly produce all necessary spares;

– prompt elimination of problems related to high-pressure equipment both in the workshop of LLC “Gidroservice” and at the client’s location.


We provide services to enterprises and factories operating in such industries as nuclear energy, thermal energy, food processing, oil refineries, sugar factories, juice factories.


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