EcoMaster MK3

2,825 kg
Operating pressure (bar)
2500, 2800 and 3000
Water flow
32/ 26 / 20 / 18 l/min
Measures in mm (L x W x H)
4200 x 2030 x 2200
mobile and trailer-mounted

EcoMaster MK3 is a compact and high-performance unit for hydromechanical cleaning for large constructions, industrial facilities, in the marine and municipal sectors. Also, he is suitable for the maintenance of industrial equipment, building structures as well as other applications in the chemical industry, oil and gas industry. The high-pressure water jetting unit has the form of a mental trailer with an economical diesel engine based on ultra-high pressure pumps of type 190M and type 250M. It is available in three pressure versions 2500, 2800, and 3000 bar, which is the advantage of a unit in this class. At the same time, the EcoMaster MK3 has a low noise level due to the noise protection casing made of aluminum (<85 dB (A)).

EcoMaster ZWG

from 5080 kg up to 5420 kg
Water flow
from 67 l/min. until 435 l/min.
Operating pressure (bar)
from 1500 until 3000
Motor type

The Ecomaster ZWG diesel units are a series of powerful stand-alone modules for all tasks with high-pressure water. Depending on the model, the units of this series offer an operating pressure ranging from 750 to 3000 bar with a water flow rate of 26 to 261 l/min. The mobile cleaners of the EcoMaster ZWG series are driven by an integrated intermediate gearbox with a power range of 50 to 500 kW. The unit can be made based on a truck or a container.