Pipe cleaning nozzle DERC SLC

Diameter, mm:
Operating pressure, bar:
Max.flow, l:
until 380
Threaded connection:
3/4" NPT F, M24 x 1.5 F

SLC by DERC Salotech is a unique pipe cleaning tool. With regulation nozzle speed: slow speeds for clogged pipes with hard deposits and fast speeds for cleaning the inner walls of the pipes. You can optimize the efficiency of the nozzle for specific cleaning conditions using additional elements, such as heads of variable diameters, ports, extensions nipples, pulling rings, extensions arms, which are also available in the range.

DERC SALOTECH in profile

DERC Salotech has 35 years of experience in the development of high-pressure water jetting technology and the production of accessories required for hydrodynamic cleaning.

DERC Salotech’s production facilities are located in two countries: Netherlands and Germany.

The company is an original equipment producer that develops and launches innovative products. Creates a safer and more economical way for industrial hydrodynamic cleaning.

LLC “Hydroservice” is the official representative of DERC Salotech in Ukraine.

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